Episode 63: You Have to Win the Game


This week we talked about a free to play steam game called You have to win the game. A metroidvania sidescroller that was quick and light. Made by a one man development team we look the technical feats and overall merit of the game. We also do a little recap of King of Thieves and why some of us went the distance while others went mad in the process.

Episode 62: Wanderlust Rebirth


This week we play a co-op RPG Wanderlust Rebirth which we may not have had the best experience with due to some issues. Never-the-less we jump into this 8 bit co-op with a little bit of wonder, some confusion and even a little optimism at the end of the day.

Episode 61: Dungeon Crawlers & Treasure Hunters

crabCast_base_61Episode 60 felt like we sort of shipped it in so we made an ambitious plan to make episode 61 something extra special. We took a game from each medium around a similar theme of treasure hunting and dungeon delving. Incan Gold, a nice little family board game about pushing your luck and finding treasure in an Incan ruin. Crawl, a couch co-op (purchased on steam) where three friends take the roles of monsters trying to defeat the 4th, hero, player; the player that gets the kill is the new hero and so-on. King of Theives, a mobile dungeon runner and treasure hunter game where you also run your own dungeon for defending your captured treasure. We also took a look at Backflip Madness just for fun. That’s right. The episode was packed with good stuff and a halfway decent through-line.

Episode 60: Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake


This week we talked about monsters, birthday cakes and the game Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake (mambc for short), a mobile game most recently found in the Humble Cartoon Network Bundle for Android and iOS. Opinions were wildly varied and discussion ensued. Enjoy!

Episode 59: Gunman Clive and updated side scrollers


This week we take a look at Gunman Clive a short, western side scroller for android, ios, steam and 3ds. The game is short and sweet but the group got into some good topics like women represented in gaming, comparisons to classic side scroller like Megaman and whether or not length of game effects your  buying decisions.

Episode 58: Mount Your Friends and SpeedRunners


This week’s episode we take a look at two games you might play on your couch with friends likely screaming at them all the while. Mount Your Friends is a nsfw controller dexterity climbing game where players take it in turn to climb up a pile of frozen bodies to the highest point daring the next player to mount just a little higher. Speedrunners is a battle royale racing game akin to mario kart, except what’s that grappling hooks, platforming and keep up with the leader mechanics! Yes, all this and more!


PLUS: Back form hiatus and vactions, back on the internet. Riley is dying (not really). David and James get into the physics of time travel equaling speed and some general confusion about what constitutes a super hero. And we all wonder if females should want to be inappropriately depicted in Mount Your Friends (probably not).

Episode 42: Card Wars, licensed brands and digital CCGs


In this episode we take a look at Adventure Time Card Wars for IOS. We also look into what licensed properties do for your game and the rise of the digital collectible card game (CCG). We also talk a bit about Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus Rift.

Episode 41: Coup, Escape: Curse of the Temple, the itch


This week we go back the the tabletop and talk about two filler games of differing types. Coup, a social deduction game and Escape, a game of pure unadulterated, dice-rolling chaos. We also briefly delve into getting the itch to play one of your games again whether or not you should (WoW).

PLUS: we’re super tired in the beginning but get better towards the tail end, the psychology of colored pieces, flooping the pig, lying games, reinventing a game we don’t quite understand, trying to figure out what ESCAPE is, Air Traffic is a magical place, we try to come up with a game for the next episode, and we forget to cut before we rant for way too long and possibly go insane.

(seriously we’re really sleepy this episode so maybe don’t start with this one. You know what was good? episode 39: FTL. Go listen to that.)

Episode 40: XCOM Enemy Unknown, procedurally generated levels, tabletop RPG’s


The guys get knee deep in a turn based battle over who liked XCOM: Enemy Unknown better. We also wondered how we could make this a video game version of our favorite table top RPG. We also briefly discuss procedurally generated scenarios and how that bog a game down after a while. We also share our undying love for good alien themes in film and video games.
PLUS: our favorite aliens, the format of the show, the evil genius of freemium ‘energy’, lack of funding for the future of all humanity, the never ending oncoming dread, we ask if XCOM would work as a multiplayer game, the most tragic eating contest, we let everyone in on our weekend plans, and we cross-promote into the sunset.

Episode 39: Birds flapping Faster than Light


This weeks buzz is all about FTL and the greatest marketing ploy in mobile gaming in a while: Flappy Bird. Diving into hyperspace the crabCast gang dives into the sci-fi realm and talks star trek, the theory of relativity and anything else that struck us like tiny brain asteroids when we recorded this.

PLUS: the best of space, Stephen HAWKEN, the group is divided about the game, descriptions of love and hate, and the connection between freemium energy and college roommates.