Episode 41: Coup, Escape: Curse of the Temple, the itch


This week we go back the the tabletop and talk about two filler games of differing types. Coup, a social deduction game and Escape, a game of pure unadulterated, dice-rolling chaos. We also briefly delve into getting the itch to play one of your games again whether or not you should (WoW).

PLUS: we’re super tired in the beginning but get better towards the tail end, the psychology of colored pieces, flooping the pig, lying games, reinventing a game we don’t quite understand, trying to figure out what ESCAPE is, Air Traffic is a magical place, we try to come up with a game for the next episode, and we forget to cut before we rant for way too long and possibly go insane.

(seriously we’re really sleepy this episode so maybe don’t start with this one. You know what was good? episode 39: FTL. Go listen to that.)

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