Episode 58: Mount Your Friends and SpeedRunners


This week’s episode we take a look at two games you might play on your couch with friends likely screaming at them all the while. Mount Your Friends is a nsfw controller dexterity climbing game where players take it in turn to climb up a pile of frozen bodies to the highest point daring the next player to mount just a little higher. Speedrunners¬†is a battle royale racing game akin to mario kart, except what’s that grappling hooks, platforming and keep up with the leader mechanics! Yes, all this and more!


PLUS: Back form hiatus and vactions, back on the internet. Riley is dying (not really). David and James get into the physics of time travel equaling speed and some general confusion about what constitutes a super hero. And we all wonder if females should want to be inappropriately depicted in Mount Your Friends (probably not).

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