Episode 61: Dungeon Crawlers & Treasure Hunters

crabCast_base_61Episode 60 felt like we sort of shipped it in so we made an ambitious plan to make episode 61 something extra special. We took a game from each medium around a similar theme of treasure hunting and dungeon delving. Incan Gold, a nice little family board game about pushing your luck and finding treasure in an Incan ruin. Crawl, a couch co-op (purchased on steam) where three friends take the roles of monsters trying to defeat the 4th, hero, player; the player that gets the kill is the new hero and so-on. King of Theives, a mobile dungeon runner and treasure hunter game where you also run your own dungeon for defending your captured treasure. We also took a look at Backflip Madness just for fun. That’s right. The episode was packed with good stuff and a halfway decent through-line.

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