Episode 38: Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftover


Physics! The keyword of the week is physics and boy can this group debate physics. Tiny and Big gets run through the old Media Crab Blender, some people enjoy it, some people don’t; one thing we all agree on is that there needs to be a mash-up between Tiny and Big and Just Cause 2 – if this were to happen the game that would be created is likely to be a factor in world peace.

PLUS: The most chaotic intro, the sound of a keyboard type typing away, crushing patent law, wishing we could make a rocket sled, we wonder if this game is a game, testing and exploring game limits and technical talk, rigidity in a world that demands freedom, we solve games, and a time traveling strip mall.

Episode 37: Games of our youth


This week the guys from the crabCast, and special guest James, go back in time and revisit some games from our youth. Games covered include Mario 2, Mario 3, Hyperzone, Yoshi’s Island and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. The nostalgia was being laid on pretty thick this episode but a good reminded that gems from our youth were probably gems for a reason.

PLUS: our oldest gaming memories, save states, Dream Factory: Heart Thumping Panic, dumb shit in Zelda games, keepin’ it funky-fresh, babies floating all over the place, seeing current trends in older games, more complaints about Assassins Creed, we spoil a little Battlestar, and we end the show by talking a lot about Power Rangers.

Episode 36: Fez and Games that make you feel stupid (or smart!)


This week we talk about Fez and how games can just give you that feeling that maybe you’re just not cool enough to get it. We’re looking at you unsolvable puzzles. Also, we talk about our gaming guilty pleasures, Pokemon Snap, The Sims and Madden 08 are all nominees for our gaming guilty pleasure.

PLUS: we’re all in the same echoey room for the first time, soviet era depression games, we argue about how FEZ works for longer than necessary, the secret codes and insanity deep inside the game, who has the time for this shit, and learning to start games at the right time.


Episode 35: Happy Mistakesgiving and D&D 4E (and some D&D NEXT)


This week we rehash our experiences with D&D 4th Edition. We have moved on from playing 4th edition and wanted to talk about our experiences with our first tabletop rpg.

PLUS: gravy on everything, the brotherhood phoenix, the stigma of DnD, the best idea ever, bending rules and time bubbles, roleplaying, and a happy mistakesgiving to one and all.

Episode 34: Brothers and Use of Mechanics in a Story

crabCast_episode_034_400This week we took a look at Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and noticed how the game used mechanics to push the story. We also take some time to clarify what we are doing on the crabCast. Not just a review show, the crabCast is a learning show where we discuss industry trends, mechanics, theme and more as designers of our own games and fully appreciate the games we play.

PLUS: what are we even doing here, the highlander witch curse, the most giantest kidney, the warm embrace of a hot tub, and a history lesson on mistakesgiving.

Episode 33: Torchlight 2 & Being in it for the Right Reasons


This week we talk about Torchlight 2 which is a co-op action RPG bent on smashing skulls and casting spells. From some of the makers of Diablo 2 we encountered a game that was refreshingly not made just for a quick cash-out but felt like it really catered to its fans. We talk about why this made the game a keeper.

PLUS: Siegfried plays hearthstone and questions why it is popular, Steam trading cards, the low pulse of a soft breath, what’s up with Blizzard lately, respecting those who do what they love, and we get up on a high horse and ride it into the sunset.


Episode 32: Mark of the Ninja & Stealth gameplay


This week we take a look at a great little stealth game called Mark of the Ninja and ask ourselves if this is really the benchmark for all other stealth games. Some members of the group really like stealth while others prefer just running in there and killing things. We debate.

PLUS: baby games, comprehending gunpoint, playing DnD NEXT, the styles of stealth, Love/Hate and Assassins Creed, and Odo from Deep Space 9

Episode 31: Battlefield 3 and 4


This Episode we finally let James go and talk about his all time favorite game, Battlefield 3. We also spend some time talking about Battlefield 4 the next iteration in the franchise.

PLUS: Grand Theft Hotness, the Rogue-Likeness of Rogue Legacy, steam friend share, and lots and lots of Battlefield.

Episode 30: Post PAX Dev and PAX Prime Breakdown

crabCast_episode_030_400James, David and Riley took a trip to PAX Dev and PAX Prime in Seattle. They share the goods the bads and the ugly (come on people, shower why don’t you?) from their trip. As this was their first trip to a convention they had a lot of great input on what they noticed from different speakers and events throughout the expo.

PLUS: 30th crabCastiversity, a Bond Villain utopia town, the science of pooping, stepping outside your expertise, crowd control, we get a tiny bit judgy, and we figure out that conventions may not be for us.


Episode 29: Payday The Heist & Difficulty vs. Tedium


This week we took a look at another cooperative PC game called Payday: The Heist. The game is more difficult than most but does something almost works for us in the fact that beating the levels came with a great sense of accomplishment. At the same time we were incredibly frustrated with the difficulty as well. We talk all about how games can be challenging without being tedious.

The book mentioned in the podcast called “The Elements of User Experience,” can be found on Amazon. #useful